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Ayako Tanaka

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Western Herbal Medicine

Tuesdays 2.00pm - 5.00pm

My name is Ayako Tanaka and I graduated from Middlesex University with a (honours) degree in Herbal Medicine and am a member of NIMH, National Institute of Medical Herbalists. As I am a newly qualified medical herbalist, I would be grateful for your support and also in trying out herbal medicine, which means supporting our rich history of plant based medicinal culture.

Herbal medicine has been used since humans first existed and all through ancient times, nature has provided us with its abundant gift of healing with plants.
And all this important knowledge of plant healing power and its usage has been passed on from generation to generation to us now.
Plants have a natural variety of properties, which may balance and promote the healing process within the body, by working slowly, gently and gradually with fewer side effects as conventional medicine.

If you look around you carefully, on the road side, field and gardens, you can recognise a lot of the common plants that grow around you that form the basis of the medicines such as such as dandelion, nettle, meadowsweet, marigold and so on.
They are all very important and wonderful plants that grow close to you and all around you. (You wouldn't think that many dreaded weeds, could be such healing plants!)

Because each organ of the body is connected and influences each other, herbalists take the wholeness or holistic approach in taking into consideration the interconnectedness of all the symptoms the body that it is displaying.

Herbalists may use an ethanol base herbal medicine called a tincture that has been extracted from different medicinal plants. Plants could be dried or fresh to make the tinctures.

A 45min to one-hour consultation is needed to gather an understanding of the patients' medical history together with a physical examination (if necessary). After the consultation day the herbalists may mix up to several different kinds of tincture according to an individual person's need in one bottle for the patient to take everyday to help them get better.

You can collect your bottle of herbal medicine in a few days' time at the Women & Health reception. Usually, a bottle will take two weeks to consume and then you can come back and discuss how your progress has been. Also, herbalists may prescribe herbal teas, diet advice, lifestyle and stress management.

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