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Eve Rogans

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Eve Rogans BAHons BAc MBAcC MRCHM

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eve Rogans has been working as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for over 30 years. She first studied traditional Chinese medicine at the International College of Oriental Medicine from 1978-81, after which she studied with Chinese doctors from Nanjing who came to teach in London. Much later, in 1987 and 1989, she herself went to Nanjing for further clinical training in two Chinese hospitals. She trained in Chinese herbalism for over two years with Ted Kapchuk, author of 'The Web that has no Weaver' and later did a paediatric acupuncture course with Julian Scott. She has done sleep training for children with learning difficulties, as well as further training in obstetrics and IVF for Chinese medicine practitioners.

She has continually worked both in private practice, at home and in different clinics and therapy rooms. At the same time, Eve has always worked in both funded and NHS practices, such as Hoxton Health Group, an NHS/charity funded project in Hackney for older people. She worked for 15 years in Enfield Community Drug and Alcohol Service, part of their Mental Health Trust, and more recently, under the auspices of Women and Health, she and Helen Barnett achieved National Lottery funding to take acupuncture into sheltered housing for older people in Camden, a project which lasted 18 months. Eve enjoyed working with the older people so much that she is still working at one of their day centres in Hampstead. She also started a cheap multibed clinic in Highgate with some of the lottery money, to provide affordable acupuncture to more people.

She specializes in women's health and is an active member of Acupuncture for Childbirth Team London (ACTLondon), doing prebirth and obstetric treatment, as well as fertility acupuncture. She also works with babies and children, a specialized type of acupuncture.

Please do talk with Eve about any problems or questions you may have about either your health issues or about what happens in an acupuncture session.

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