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Kari Dewar

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Wellbeing Massage/Reiki/Coaching

Wednesdays 10am-1pm

My name is Kari Dewar and I practice at Women and Health as a Holistic Wellbeing Therapist.

My background is Integrative Psychotherapy (of which I have 16 years experience), Holistic Massage, trauma releasing bodywork, Pilates, mindfulness and relaxation and personal fitness training. I also specialise in working with sexuality and body image issues. I blend and integrate the above trainings in my practice.

Often people feel tension and anxiety in the muscular and nervous system of the body; this can simply be from the everyday stress of life, at other times past stress or trauma; psychological components can be frozen in the body creating tension and pain also. This could be due to how people are thinking and feeling. I endeavour to help release this tension with a view to calming the nervous system, getting rid of old blocked toxic energy and creating an inner peace, vitality and deep relaxation in the body to promote continued well being. There can be some talking in the session initially to help inform the treatment.

Alternatively some people just would love a deeply nourishing and relaxing massage, which I also offer.

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