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Lola Ross

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Nutritional Therapy

Each stage in a woman's life brings new nutritional needs. Good nutrition can help to support these times, working to support inner vitality, hormonal balance, radiant hair/ skin, and optimal health. From adolescence into womanhood, to planning for pregnancy or supporting the changes that may come with menopause - I will work with you on a food plan for these specific times of your life, to help you feel and look your best.

What can I expect in a consultation?

Prior to the consultation you will need to complete a 3-day food/symptom diary and short questionnaire, which you will bring with you to your consultation. The initial consultation would include looking at your health history, lifestyle and current diet, as well as discussing your key health goals. I would then support you with nutritional and lifestyle advice as well as techniques to help you to achieve these goals.

Nutritional Therapy can be a useful support in many areas of women's health and well-being such as:

• Preconception/fertility
• Pregnancy /antenatal care/weaning
• Immune support
• Hormonal issues (menopause/PCOS/PMS)
• Digestion support
• Psycho-emotional well-being
• Energy levels
• Sleep quality
• Digestive health
• Immune health
• Planning healthy lunches
• Binge eating / fussy eating
• Weight issues

About the practitioner:

After embracing the natural lifestyle movement during my first pregnancy, I became fascinated with nutrition, and went on to gain a degree in Health Sciences/Nutritional Therapy from the pioneering degree course at the University of Westminster. My training was underpinned by the principles of functional medicine functionalmedicine.org, which has a primary focus on identifying the underlying causes of disease rather than just symptoms.

Particular areas of interest

My specialisation is in women and children's health and my clinical experience ranges from supporting fertility/pregnancy, PCOS, skin disorders, menopause gastrointestinal health, emotional well-being, and other hormonal issues. I have also worked with several NHS nutrition initiatives, in Camden and Southwark, and deliver nutrition workshops in London.

I can offer flexible ad hoc bookings at Women+Health

Please leave me a message at reception if you would like me to call you back for a free chat, to see if Nutritional Therapy can support your needs.


For more information please visit my web site: www.lolaross.com

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