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Meet Billy Bobbin

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We introduce Billy Bobbin, our latest recruit to join our sponsored walk on Saturday 7th October. Billy has been a friend and supporter of Women+Health for all of his 6 years and shares a love for healthy, active lifestyles!

about 2He loves frolicking in the garden at Carol Street or watching Camilla show him some wicked yoga moves in St Martin's Gardens.

If you have not yet signed up for the walk, come and join Billy and our merry band of walkers - on October 7th. It takes less than one minute to register here:
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Billy has his own JustGiving page and is currently training very hard. You can show your appreciation of his (and his walkers’) efforts and help Women+Health into the bargain by sponsoring Billy here:

Be part of something wonderful!

Thank you and best wishes,
Elisabeth Retzmann


 about 3

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