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The Outreach Service

The Outreach Service provides a dynamic team of qualified and experienced integrated health practitioners, available for community events and commercial functions at very competitive rates.

Commmercial packages include bespoke programmes that can address all common occupational health issues, such as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), stress related symptoms, muscular pain and tension, as well as general health coaching.

The range of Therapies available include Aromatherapy, Head & Shoulders Massage, Holistic Massage, Ayurvedic Oil Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, No Hands Massage, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Talking Therapies and more..!

Regular classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Weight & Wellness programs are also on offer via the Outreach Service.

We offer a tailored, flexible service, accessible to all. Taster sessions can be provided on-site, in community settings, or even at outdoor events. Wellness treats can be presented to employees, volunteers or individuals via our innovative Voucher/Virtual Credits Scheme, where therapy packages may be purchased in blocks.

By working in partnership with and supporting local organisations we aim to promote active healthy lifestyles across Camden and neighbouring boroughs.


The fees for Outreach bookings are negotiable, with the following guidelines:

£55 per hour for one-to-one practitioners.
£65 per hour for group facilitators/ presentations/workshops.
£50 min. or 15% administration fee per booking.
Equipment hire and transport costs negotiable at time of booking.

Wellness Vouchers / Virtual credits
£45 for CAM therapies delivered at W+H
£55 for CAM therapies delivered in community settings
£50 for 6 week course of Yoga

All outreach bookings are invoiced one week in advance and subject to cancellation fees:
50% cancellation fee for bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice
100% cancellation fee for bookings cancelled on the day


For further information on the Outreach Service or booking requests please contact the Practitioner Manager Coordinator:

Ezra Burnette
Women + Health
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T: 0207 482 2786
E: ezra@women-and-health.org

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