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Sue Step

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Gentle, safe and effective treatment

I have been in practice as an osteopath for over 17 years. I work with sensitivity, using a blend of traditional and cranial approaches, depending on what you need.

Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy can help relieve pain and distress but I don't just focus on treating your symptoms. I aim to help you identify and be mindful of any areas of your life that may be out of balance, stagnant or contributing to your symptoms. In this way the osteopathy helps promote healthy change both in the clinic and in your life outside.

Where osteopathy may help:

joint pain, stiffness,aches and pains
back, neck, hip, knee, leg & foot pain
arthritic pain
muscle pain
headache arising from the neck
difficulty relaxing, stress reduction
frozen shoulder, shoulder pain, tennis elbow
general, acute and chronic backache
uncomplicated mechanical neck pain
minor sports injuries and tensions

circulatory problems
digestion problems

Supporting you in your life

You don't have to be in pain to benefit from an osteopathic treatment. Osteopathy supports your body's well being. The beneficial effects of treatment on the nervous system often result in people reporting feeling more relaxed after an osteopathic session. This can be particularly helpful in those many conditions that are, obviously or not, stress related. Many people use osteopathy to help promote and maintain their health and well being.

About myself

My own journey began and continues with personal involvement in meditation, bodywork and movement therapies, both individually and in groups. After training as a soft tissue therapist in the 1980's I wanted to deepen my understanding of the body, health and well-being. As part of this movement, I took up further study and qualified as an osteopath in 1998.
I find that osteopathy is a helpful way of working with this connection between body and mind. The act of being present with and 'witnessing' another can in itself support our innate capacity to rebalance.


I participate with fellow osteopaths in the 'Osteomap' programme - (osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance programme for persistent pain) - which involves exploring ways of working with, and integrating meditative and mindfulness based approaches into osteopathic practice. Osteomap and mindfulness principles are very helpful for those experiencing more acute pain as well as those with persistent pain.

I take part in ongoing reflective practice, study and exploration with other osteopaths.

How I work osteopathically

In a treatment I aim to support support your health by focussing on the areas of your body that need attention, as well as identifying those areas of your life that may be out of balance and contributing to your symptoms, e.g. lifestyle, outlook, activities.

What happens in a treatment:

In an osteopathic treatment, I use a blend of many different approaches, depending on what you need at that time. For example:
'soft tissue' work - similar to massage. Improves lymphatic drainage, circulation, and also enhances relaxation
'deep tissue work' - as the name suggests, deeper work on the muscles and connective tissues
rhythmical movement and rocking techniques, - improving mobility and drainage from injured and congested areas, helping stiff joints unwind, reducing stagnation and pain. Often experienced as deeply relaxing.
cranial work and gentle holding, focussing on different areas of the body (not just the head), tuning into the subtle movements in the body and energy, letting your body tissues unwind at their own pace

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

For more information please visit my web site: www.bodymind.org.uk

To speak with me about whether osteopathy might be helpful for you, or to make an appointment, please call me 07941 531 737 or contact Reception.

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