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Survivors' Assistance and Support

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Camden Solace Womens' Aid

Offers support to women affected by domestic and sexual violence living in London.

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Daughters of Eve and FGM Services

Daughters Of Eve is a support group who work to protect girls and young women who are at risk from female genital mutilation (FGM).

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You can find information about the specialist FGM clinic at University College London Hospital by clicking here


You can also download a list of specialist NHS FGM clinics by clicking here

Irish Womens' Survivors Support Group

The Irish Women Survivors Support Group is open to all women who were in Irish Institutions in Ireland as children, including women who were in the Laundries.

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Caranua can offer support, information, advice and advocacy to survivors. They can pay for services so that you have the supports you need, and can give grants to individuals to source services themselves.

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Rape Crisis England And Wales

Rape Crisis England & Wales is a feminist organisation that exists to promote the needs of women and girls who have experienced sexual violence, to improve services to them and to work towards the elimination of sexual violence.

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Refuge supports 3,000 women and children on any given day through a range of services, including refuges, independent advocacy, community outreach and culturally specific services.

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Safeline offer free online and telephone counselling for both male and female surviviors of sexual abuse and sexual violence.

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"Modern slavery is real. It is happening in our communities. An unseen crime, it hides in take-aways, hotels, car washes, nail bars and private homes.

The Home Office predicts that there may be as many as 13,000 victims in the UK alone. There is no typical victim of slavery. Victims can be men, women and children of all ages and cut across the population, but it is normally more prevalent amongst the most vulnerable, minority or socially excluded groups." (unseenuk.org)

For further definitions of what human trafficking may be, please look at the unseenuk website here


stopthetraffik lists support services for people who have been victims of trafficking.

To access their website please click here


For a list of organisations who can help people who are or may become victims of human trafficking, please click here

Womens' Aid

Women’s Aid is the national charity for women and children working to end domestic abuse. They are a federation of over 220 organisations providing more than 300 lifesaving services to women and children across England.

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