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Tribute To Boo Armstrong

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Where do we begin with Boo: A woman of so many talents and abilities, full of humour, enthusiasm and energy for so many things?

It is seventeen years since she joined Women + Health from her triumphant fundraising for Switchboard, joining originally as the receptionist and very soon taking over as the co-ordinator. She brought to everything she did her own joyous outlook on a feminist approach to life and people. She was a great problem solver prepared to tackle anything from how to raise some more money to how to catch the burglar who was milking the money box at the Centre every week - a problem the police were only interested in when she and others set a trap and caught the thief red handed in the middle of the night!

Her fundraising capacity was legendary, charming thousands out of NHS bureaucrats and hundreds of thousands out of the Lottery, as was her entrepreneurship which continued to the end of her life, highlighted by her work with Get Well UK. Who else could have persuaded the NHS in Northern Ireland to run such a brilliant pilot scheme to get all the traumatised women of The Troubles off drugs and change their lives with complementary therapies?

She had an enormous capacity for love and friendship and could light up a meeting or a room with her positive energy and resistance to cynicism. She was uniquely Boo and we know that the special sparkle she gave to so many people's lives will be impossible to replace. We can only wonder what else she would have achieved if she had been able to live longer but we know also that she lives on in our hearts - we are changed for having known and loved her.

Gill, Sue and Kerry on behalf of Women + Health

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In Memory Of Boo Armstrong

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